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How Legend Ponto Square stands out in Hengqin?
By Li Na,  
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A documentary about Hengqin entitled "Special Area in the Special Economic Zone" was broadcast on China Central Television in June. It explored how Hengqin has been transformed from a sleepy island to an alluring area for investment.

Ms.Chen Meiyi, a businesswoman from Macao, was one of the interviewees in the documentary.

The Legend Ponto Square, involving investment from Ms. Chen and her husband, as well as 30 small and medium enterprises from Macao, will become the first big shopping mall in Hengqin upon completion.

Ms. Chen is confident about the future of the Portuguese-style square: "I want to create a shopping area with European culture and lifestyle, where you can also visit galleries and enjoy cuisine from all over the world at a fair price. I hope people can slow down and enjoy it."

"Brick and mortar stores face a big challenge from e-commerce that is becoming very popular. There is fierce competition among shopping malls in Guangdong Province," Chen said. "However, as long as a shopping mall has vivid features, customers will be willing to experience the atmosphere."