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          1st CLAC Expo to open in Zhuhai
          By Li Na


          The first China-Latin America and Caribbean International Exposition will be held in Zhuhai City of South China's Guangdong Province from Nov. 9 to 11. The promotion conference of the first CLAC (China-Latin America and the Caribbean) Expo was recently held in Beijing.

          The expo, jointly hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce and the Zhuhai Municipal Government, will focus on economic and trade cooperation, organize exhibitions and meetings in fields including commodity and service trading, technical cooperation, investment and financing, and tourism cooperation.

          With the theme of "Bosom Friends Makes Distance Disappear," the expo aims to become an international platform for image display, product demonstration, business cooperation and cultural exchanges.

          Niu Jing, Secretary of CPC Hengqin New Area Committee, introduced the expo and the construction of the Hengqin China-Latin America Economic and Trade Cooperation Park at the conference.

          According to Niu, the 35,000-square-meter main structure of the first phase of the park has been completed and the park will be qualified to accommodate enterprises this year. The park is also an important platform for the cultural and tourism communication, cross-border e-commerce and economic and trade cooperation between China and the Latin American countries.